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Explain what motivates you to want to serve in this Connecting Streams' volunteer position.

Briefly share how you came to faith in Jesus Christ and a little of your spiritual journey.

Everyone has areas they excel in. What do you believe your strengths to be?

What areas of your life do you feel need improvement?


By completing the following information for references, you give permission to Connecting Streams to contact the persons named as references.

1. Spiritual Reference

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2) Character Reference

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Depending on your area of placement you may be required to submit a police background check.

If required, are you willing to submit an initial police background check to Connecting Streams and a police check renewal every 3 years while you are a volunteer with Connecting Streams?

PERMISSION (related to personal privacy)

Connecting Streams/Power to Change retains your personal information as confidential. Your information will only be used for the application process, to inform you of programs, projects, and training, and to provide you with opportunities to be involved in and support our work.

Media Release

I hereby agree to the use of my likeness, or a representation of my likeness, irrevocably and without limitation, in materials developed by or on behalf of Connecting Streams (a ministry of Power to Change), or licensed by Connecting Streams, including posters, photographs, videos, films and multi-media products. I release Connecting Streams and their licensees from all liability for any claim of infringement of publicity or privacy rights that I might otherwise have had in connection with the use of my likeness, or a representation of my likeness. I further agree that my likeness or representations of my likeness may be exhibited, shown or reproduced in any media, whether in Canada or elsewhere. It is understood that my participation is without compensation and Connecting Streams is under no obligation to use any materials containing my likeness or representations of my likeness. I further agree that my participation confers upon me no rights to use, ownership or copyright.


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The last part of the Volunteer Application includes three forms: 1) Statement of Faith; 2) Vision/Mission Statement and Core Values; and 3) Code of Conduct.

We understand that our Application Form is long, and we appreciate the time you are taking to be thorough. Click NEXT to continue to the Agreements part of the Application Form. If it helps, you can click SAVE & RETURN LATER at any point. You will be emailed a link which will return you to where you left off.

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